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The official instructors’ list

Listing of all Filipino Combat Systems certified instructors And regional representatives
This is the only legitimate listing of FCS instructors in existence.
All of the ranks and positions listed below are current and up to date. Any individual or individuals claiming otherwise, are guilty of fraud.

Active and Current Lakans

Carlos “Pipo” Lopez    Current
Lakan Guro
​FCS Puerto Rico Representative
Caribbean/Latin American Regional Director
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Ernie Lake   Current
Lakan Guro
FCS Kentucky State Representative
USA Northern East Coast FCS Regional Director
Lexington, Kentucky

Ray Cole   Active
Lakan Guro
Tampa, Florida

Active and Current Guros

Stanley Tippins   – Current
Certified Instructor
Montgomery Alabama

Lyndon Johnson  Current
Certified Instructor / Mount Olive Representative
Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Nate Hill    Current
USA Southern East Coast FCS Regional Director
Winter Haven, Florida

Yaron Samuel Brill  Current
FCS Israel Representative
Tel Aviv, Israel

Dimitris Angelis  –  Current

Dimitris Boudakis  –  Current
Crete, Greece

Dimitris Katsiaras  –  Current

Rich Verdejo Current
FCS California State Representative
​USA Southern West Coast Regional Director
FCS/Bladesport Tournament Coordinator
Baldwin Park, California

Mike Jennings   Current
Colorado State Representative
Denver, Colorado

Tampa, FL

Mark Cody Active
Winter Haven, FL

Manongs & Manangs (Current/Active Certified Instructors)

Steven Langston     Current
Certified Instructor     Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Jared Criswell     Current
Certified Instructor     Lexington, Kentucky

Mosie Jack     Current
Certified Instructor  /  FCS Maryland Representative
Washington D.C.

Thanos Fotakakis     Current
Certified Instructor     Athens, Greece

Wilfried Harloff    Current
Certified Instructor     Germany

Thilo Wurkner Asics Gel-kayano 23 Pas Cher Homme  Current
Certified Instructor     Germany

Esteban Barraza   Current
Certified Instructor / FCS Argentina Representative
Buenos Aries, Argentina

Dimitris Spiliadis   Current
Certified Instructor

Christoforos Christodoulou   Current
Certified Instructor
Athens, Greece

Daniel Stružka   Current
Certified Instructor / FCS CZ Co-Representative
Prague, Czech Republic

Radek Macak   Current
Certified Instructor / FCS CZ Co-Representative
Prague, Czech Republic

Christian Metzler   Current
Certified Instructor
​Aldingen, Germany

Alexis Flores   Current
Certified Instructor
Santiago, Chile

Bernard Herrera    Current
Certified Instructor / FCS SanDiego Representative
SanDiego, California

Brice Olion    Current
Certified Instructor / FCS Gainesville Representative
Gainesville, Florida

Ray Norton    Current
Certified Instructor / FCS New Port Richey Representative
New Port Richey, Florida

Deane Wagner    Current
Certified Instructor / FCS Stockport Representative
Stockport, Ohio

Hakim Isler    Current
Certified Instructor / FCS Fayetteville Representative
Fayetteville, North Carolina

John Ryan    Current
Certified Instructor
Mt. Olive, North Carolina

Dusan Chabron    Current
Certified Instructor
Trencin, Slovakia

Jim Webb  –   Current
Certified Instructor / Western Alabama Representative
Themopolis, Alabama

Austin Dionaldo – Current
Certified Instructor
Winter Haven,  Florida

Ben Zaharias – Current
Certified Instructor
FCS Ocala Representative
Ocala, Florida

Metin Aydinoglu – Current
Certified Instructor
Basel, Switzerland
FCS Kali Switzerland Representative

Rene Zeller – Current
Certified Instructor
FCS Kali Germany Representative
Karlsruhe, Germany

Sonja Zeller – Current
Certified Instructor
Karlsruhe, Germany

Eric Broe  –  Current
Certified Instructor
Jacksonville, Florida

Cody Chilson  –  Current
Certified Instructor
Ft. Myers, Florida

Richard Monforti  Current
Certified Instructor     North Carolina

Brian Corey  Current
Certified Instructor    North Carolina

Hugh Klumb  Current
Certified Instructor   Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Howard Vanderbeck  Current
Certified Instructor   Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Phillip “Brad” Carey  Current
Certified Instructor    Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
South Carolina State Reprersentative

Atilla Jonas  Current
Certified Instructor    Budapest, Hungary
FCS Hungarian Representative

Lawrence Wilder  Current
Certified Instructor     Hoover, Alabama

Martin Medvec       Current
Certified instructor     Bratislava/Trencin, Slovakia
Slovakian FCS Representative

Alexander Pisarkin     Current
Certified Instructor     Yekaterinburg, Russia
Russian FCS Representative

Carlos Ortiz    Current
Certified Instructor    Barceloneta, Puerto Rico

Jose Figueroa   Current
Certified Instructor    Aguada, Puerto Rico

Sean Tyler    Active
Certified Instructor     Toronto, Canada
Canadian FCS Representative

Mark Ski    Active
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL

Clint “Bear” Wink   Active
Certified Instructor     Tampa, FL

Jose DeArce   Active
Certified Instructor    Tampa, FL
813 928 4518

Joe Harrison   Active
Certified Instructor   Tampa, Florida






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